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Citizen Ambassadors Program

An international exchange experience for individuals within a professional group

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The Cultural Vistas’ Citizen Ambassador Program brings individuals together who share a common professional focus for an in-depth international exchange. Spanning both political and international boundaries, Citizen Ambassadors openly discuss the challenges facing their profession and advancements in their fields. When Citizen Ambassadors are immersed in the culture and environment of their counterparts, they gain a unique perspective for their profession at home.

Delegates and international counterparts share perspectives through round table discussions, immersive cultural experiences, and one-on-one conversations. Delegations include briefings with government representatives, international non-governmental programs, and leading educational institutions.

Citizen Ambassadors represent high-level professionals in a variety of areas, including: medicine, law, education, economic development, environment, the sciences, and technology.

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Inside the Delegation Experience

Time and again, participants tell us about the fulfillment of sharing common interests with people who, at first, seemed so different. An area of research, a method of application, a chance to collaborate, and one by one the barriers fade.

Our experience and relationships with our overseas partners ensure that the program is well-organized, focused, and productive. By recognizing and following local customs and protocol, we lay the foundation for participants to exchange information and connect on a truly human level.

Delegates get an insider’s view of facilities and experience the culture in ways most travelers never do; observing professional counterparts in their element and facilities while also sharing best practices, challenges, and innovative ideas.

Delegation Leaders are respected and accomplished members of their fields. Representing their professional peers, Delegation Leaders are known for their dedication to their professions, enthusiasm for intellectual discovery and exchange, and respect for other cultures and approaches.

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