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Cultural Vistas has a dedicated staff who speak a variety of languages, have experienced other cultures and ways of working, and are continuous learners who foster professional growth while striving to uphold our values.

We offer an inclusive working environment that employs a diverse and dedicated staff across the United States while maintaining a U.S. Headquarters in Washington, D.C. and a European Headquarters in Berlin, Germany

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Our People

Prepare to work with a passionate team of curious, culturally adept, and genuinely kind individuals who come from a variety of experiences. We are building an organization where people from all backgrounds feel valued and thrive through continuous growth that prioritizes equity, inclusion, and intercultural humility into all aspects of our work.

This means we invest time and resources in developing our employees’ leadership skills as well as offer professional development in intercultural competence, diversity, equity and inclusion, to ensure we practice the values we strive to impart in our programming.

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Our Culture

We work intentionally to foster a positive, open, equitable, and people-centric culture that aligns with our values. We do annual engagement surveys to measure areas where our people are thriving and where our people want to see more growth. Some of the themes reflected in the testimonials below are:

  • Amplifying Every Voice
  • A Supportive Culture
  • Embracing Global Understanding

Our Participants

No matter your role, your work directly impacts the more than 6,000 participants from over 100 countries we serve annually. You can’t help but feel inspired by supporting global leaders who experience the world and enrich themselves and their home communities with their newly gained skills and perspectives. Just look at our incredible alumni community of changemakers committed to addressing global challenges. Their impact on society is why we exist, and our community only continues to grow. Another great reason to join us!

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Our Benefits

We aim to take care of our people with benefits offerings that address the full experience of being human. We want people to have the tools to be successful, so we also ensure performance is measured based on the competencies for your role and feedback is given frequently.

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