Bridge to Access

Building pathways for all of us


Opportunities to participate in international exchange programs have historically been exclusionary. Many global experiences are still beyond the reach of too many people.  Perhaps as critical is that many organizations have yet to shift from verbal acknowledgement of these issues into a deliberate solutions mindset. Cultural Vistas takes it seriously.

Bridge to Access is a multi-pronged approach to everything we do and are at Cultural Vistas. With the ultimate goal to offer many more individuals with a wider range of experiences to develop the skills to shape the future of global affairs, we are working to ensure that our programs, team members, and even our operations are reflective of the world around us and built for change.


Statistics tell a part of the story

% of Students studying abroad or doing an exchange program from the IIE Open Doors Report

Discover how an exchange program can connect you with others, increase global skills, and drive positive change in the world.