Covid Travel Policy

COVID-19: Cultural Vistas’ Program Operation Policies for U.S. State Department and CDC Advisories.

Throughout 2020, Cultural Vistas successfully supported exchange programs and is excited to continue into 2021. The health and safety of participants are the paramount concern of Cultural Vistas. As we continue to lead programs in various countries and within the U.S., each program will be assessed based on data forecasting the conditions and available support in-country. If a country has a U.S. Department of State Level 3 or Level 4 Advisory and/or a CDC Notice Warning Level 3, Cultural Vistas will complete a systematic review of in-country support available to participants. Among others, factors such as housing, transportation, travel restrictions, ability to participate in cultural activities, medical support, and modality of programs during the COVID pandemic will be considered multiple times before a program begins. Frequent communication about changing conditions will be provided to participants before and during their programs. Cultural Vistas remains confident that participants and partners will have a meaningful and impactful experience throughout their program in 2021