Train USA

The Train USA exchange program provides university students, recent graduates, and professionals from around the world the opportunity to enhance their skills and experience the United States through career-focused internships and training programs.

Through Cultural Vistas' sponsorship, participants can enter the United States on a J-1 Intern or Trainee Visa and complete structured programs lasting up to 12 or 18 months - depending on their education and level of experience in their chosen field of study.

These exchange programs serve as a catalyst for personal growth and professional advancement; providing the opportunity to improve English proficiency, immerse in the culture and customs of the United States, expand professional networks, and acquire hands-on experience that propels participants toward a successful career. 

Program Benefits

  • Visa sponsorship necessary to live and gain professional experience in the United States for up to 12 or 18 months
  • Individualized and structured internship/training plan
  • Various networking opportunities and cultural events
  • Comprehensive medical insurance coverage
  • Arrival and acculturation assistance
  • Ongoing guidance and support, including a 24-hour emergency hotline

Programs in these areas are not eligible for sponsorship as Interns or Trainees

  • Flight training
  • Performing arts including dance instructors
  • Positions involving more than 20% clerical activity
  • Positions of unskilled labor
  • Positions involving clinical or medical patient care or contact including dentistry, child/elder care, veterinary medicine, doctors, nurses, psychological therapy, cosmetology, sports or physical therapy, speech therapy or social work. This includes pre-schools and daycare centers
  • Programs at camps or residential facilities
  • Programs involving the use of staffing agencies or unauthorized recruiters
  • Programs at camps or residential facilities, economy hotels, fast food restaurants, bakeries, retail sites or home offices
  • Programs in the field of sports coaching, home-based construction businesses, carpentry, home electricians or auto body shops

Participant Eligibility Requirements

  • All applicants must be 18 years old in order to participate in a J-1 visa Intern or Trainee program.
  • Applicants must be able to demonstrate recent experience in the field for which they are requesting an internship or training experience. Applicants must have related work or education within the 6 months prior to the program start date.
  • If the applicant’s most recent work or educational experience has been in the United States, Cultural Vistas may require that the applicant return to his or her home country to gain additional experience for one year or more, and then apply to the program.
  • Applicants in the United States for other work or study programs must leave the United States for 90 days before beginning a J-1 Intern or Trainee program with Cultural Vistas in most cases. Please call to discuss your case. Working remotely for a U.S. company will not count towards qualification for sponsorship.
  • Applicants must be interviewed by the U.S. host or Cultural Vistas to assess their eligibility and qualification.
  • No professional recruiters or employment agencies, either in the United States or abroad may be used to recruit or select prospective participants.
  • The applicant must intend to enter the United States solely for the purpose of internship or training and not to abandon non-immigrant status. Applicants must not intend to change status while in the United States.
  • Applicants must know English well enough to function in an English-speaking environment, both during the normal work period and non-working hours. This must be verifiable via documentation from an educational institution, English language test, or interview with Cultural Vistas.
  • Applicants should be able to demonstrate sufficient funding to pay their travel and living expenses at the visa interview.
  • Applicants are expected to apply in their home country in most cases. Cultural Vistas does not allow applicants to change status to the J-1 visa.
  • Participants are required to be covered under Cultural Vistas health and accident insurance which must be paid in full with the application. Any other insurance held by the participant will be primary and Cultural Vistas insurance will be secondary.
  • Participants must notify Cultural Vistas of arrival within 10 days of the start date and provide notice of all address changes.
  • Mid-term evaluations are required for programs 6 months or longer and final evaluations are required for all programs.
  • Participants are responsible for reading and complying with all information provided by Cultural Vistas including orientation materials detailing program requirements.
  • Participants cannot have a break of more than 30 days during their program.

J-1 Intern Requirements

  • Non-U.S. citizen
  • Age: Minimum 18 years
  • Language: Proficiency in English
  • Education Level / Employment History:
    • Current enrollment in a post-secondary academic institution* outside the United States and studying in a field related to their internship;
    • Have graduated from such an institution* no more than 12 months prior to desired internship start date.
  • Duration: Internship programs may last from 3 weeks to 12 months. Interns may complete additional internship programs as long as all requirements continue to be met and 90 days have elapsed between programs.

*Primarily vocational education may not qualify. Please call to discuss your education before applying.

J-1 Trainee Requirements

  • Non-U.S. citizen
  • Age: Minimum 18 years
  • Language: Proficiency in English
  • Education Level / Employment History:
    • A degree or professional certificate from a foreign post-secondary academic institution* and at least one year of prior related work experience outside the United States.
    • Five years of work experience outside the United States in the desired training field.
  • Duration: Training programs may last from 3 weeks to 18 months. Trainees may complete additional J-1 training programs in the United States as long as all requirements continue to be met and at least two years of residency outside the United States follow the initial training program.

*Primarily vocational education may not qualify. Please call to discuss your education before applying.

Application Information

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Please visit the Application Process page to begin your application.

For more information, contact