Internships Abroad

See the world. Follow your ambitions.

Cultural Vistas offers an array of personalized and enriching professional internship and training programs in Argentina, Chile, France, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland.

Cultural Vistas' internships abroad programs provide customized summer and year-long internship placements tailored to students' specific skill sets, ambitions, and career aspirations.

Our programs allow students to see the world, experience new cultures firsthand, and gain the transferable skills that will set them apart in today's global marketplace.

For applicants who have already secured an internship, work authorization services are also available. Our internships abroad programs are administered in cooperation with our partner organization COINED in Argentina and Chile, and Cultural Vistas representatives in Berlin and Madrid.

In addition to individualized internship placements, participants receive assistance with language training, foreign language resume writing, pre-departure cultural and logistical information, as well as in-country and re-entry support.

Internship Abroad Placement Programs
Internship Program in Argentina
Improve your Spanish, learn about Argentinean business practices, and expand your personal and professional horizons through a customized internship in Buenos Aires or Córdoba.

Internship Program in Chile
Enhance your Spanish speaking skills and advance your career with individualized internship placements in Santiago de Chile.

Internship Program in Germany
Spend up to a year gaining valuable international work experience in your field, improving your German language proficiency, and immersing yourself in German culture.

Summer Internship Program in Germany
Make your summer a memorable one. Live, work, and explore life in Germany, while building your resume through a personalized internship placement.

Summer Internship Program in Spain
Immerse yourself in Spanish culture with customized summer internships.

University Programs
Custom internship abroad programs for students attending Yale University, the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, or the College of Charleston.

Work Authorization Services for Interns and Trainees
Independent Work Abroad in Germany
Take control of your internship search and take your career pursuits to Germany for up to a year. We will provide the work authorization and support you’ll need.

Independent Work Abroad in Switzerland
Secure a traineeship in your field and advance your career abroad for up to 18 months as a Stagiaire in Switzerland.