Citizen Ambassadors

The Cultural Vistas Citizen Ambassador program brings individuals together who share a common professional focus, for an in-depth international exchange. Spanning both political and international boundaries, Citizen Ambassadors openly discuss the challenges facing their profession and advancements in their fields. When Citizen Ambassadors are immersed in the culture and environment of their counterparts, they gain a unique perspective for their profession at home.

Citizen Ambassador programs open doors for delegates and international counterparts to share perspectives through round table meetings, site visits, and one-on-one conversations. Delegations include briefings with government representatives, international non-governmental programs, and leading educational institutions.

Citizen Ambassador programs are developed in partnership with U.S. associations to ensure the highest level and most qualified professionals represent their field. Delegations are led by a respected leader in the profession who guides the development of the professional exchange, ensuring that each interaction expands the experience abroad.

Each Citizen Ambassador has the opportunity to provide input into the final schedule of activities, network with fellow delegation members and interact with the leading counterpart professionals through a Virtual Orientation. The Virtual Orientation will provide a foundation for the international in-person exchange.

(*Citizen Ambassador Programs qualify for continuing education credits)

Citizen Ambassadors represent high-level professionals in a variety of areas, including:

  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Education
  • Economic Development
  • Science and Technology
  • Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
  • Social Sciences

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