Connect With Rwanda

Understanding International Development in East Africa

Learning to listen, think, and act for community solutions

Rwanda has undergone a remarkable transformation from a country shattered by genocide to a thriving nation with a focus on environmental sustainability, gender equality, and technology-driven solutions. Rwanda is a model for effective development strategies in East Africa that has captured the attention of the global community.

The program aims to challenge participants to think broadly and differently about their responsibility as globally engaged leaders using the “Listen, Think, Act” framework toward international development of our implementing partner, the Global Livingston Institute. It also seeks to help them to cultivate an appreciation for diversity through their engagement with both rural and urban communities in Rwanda. 

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A Program Made Possible through Cultural vistas’

Bridge To Access Initiative

Cultural Vistas’ Bridge to Access Initiative aims to engage persons historically excluded from international exchange through programs, scholarships, capacity-building, and support. As part of this initiative, Connect with Rwanda was developed through our collaborative work with Morehouse College and Spelman College. This program is Cultural Vistas’ first program in East Africa and one example of our effort to thoughtfully expand our global experience destinations. 

In 2024, Connect with Rwanda will be implemented in partnership with the Global Livingston Institute, with the support of the Cyril Taylor Charitable Foundation and the Cultural Vistas donor community.

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