What We’re Reading in International Education (December)

We hope you have an amazing trip planned this month, whether to see family, start a new internship, or explore a whole new place. Here are a few international education articles that you can read in the terminal.

The latest news, articles, and studies to read this month. Photo credit Victor Westerwouldt

Getting to Si, Ja, Oui, Ha, and Da
(Harvard Business Review)

A guide to negotiating across cultures.

How Robert Chang Went From Silicon Valley to Truffle Farming

After tasting truffles during his Bosch Fellowship, he knew he had to change careers.

Teach Yourself Italian
(New Yorker)

Author Jhumpa Lahiri shares her lifelong struggle to learn, and ultimately write, in Italian.

Peruvian Girl Covers Michael Jackson in Dying Language of Quechua

This 14-year-old is using music to share her native language.


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