What We’re Reading in International Education (August)

It’s back-to-school season in the United States. While we’re not all heading back to the classroom, we still keep up on the latest articles in international education. Put these on your end-of-summer reading list.

The Surprising Effects of Studying Abroad
(Washington Post)

Study suggests cross-border contact increases nationalism, but decreases fear of “the other.”

The International Baccalaureate: Could It Rescue Thai Education?
(Asian Correspondent)

This international program is a growing solution to Thailand’s education woes.

U.S. Considers Emulating Swiss Apprenticeship Model
(Washington Diplomat)

The U.S. Labor Department is looking to Switzerland for tips on vocational education.

Why a Global Education Doesn’t Have to Mean Going Abroad
(Chronicle of Higher Education)

Exposure to diverse communities in the United States could be a way to gain cross-cultural skills.

This kitten is up on the latest international education news. Photo credit Brittany Randolph