U.K. Exchange Program Provides Diverse Introduction to American Values

WASHINGTON – Cultural Vistas is pleased to administer the Exploring American Values exchange program, sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in London. This initiative will bring nine influencers, multimedia journalists, and bloggers to the United States, from August 4-18, to explore contemporary American life in the context of current events and issues.

Through this short-term exchange program, the participants will travel to Washington D.C., West Virginia,  St. Louis, San Diego, and San Francisco where they will have the opportunity to engage with current issues that are re-shaping the American identity, including immigration, gender equality, equal opportunity, freedom of speech, and cultural and ethnic diversity.

As digital media quickens the pace of change and plays a large role in the process of public discussion and discourse, the group will deepen their understanding of how current issues are re-defined by and addressed through social media platforms. Representing a variety of backgrounds, each participant has their own digital niche and voice.

As they meet with members of diverse organizations such as Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, the League of Women Voters, the San Diego City Council and San Francisco LGBT Center, they’ll have the opportunity to gain well-rounded perspectives on the American identity in the 21st century and share that outlook with their virtual audiences.

Further enhancing their understanding of the experiences that have been woven into American customs and traditions, the cohort will embark on a full cultural immersion during their time in the United States by visiting the home of U.S. Congress, experiencing community relations during the National Night Out in Hyattsville, Maryland, and diving into America’s favorite past time by attending a San Diego Padres baseball game on U.S. Navy Appreciation Day.

Through special initiatives and short-term programs like the Exploring American Values exchange program, Cultural Vistas endeavors to strengthen global cooperation and build mutual understanding. Learn more about the U.S. Embassy in London by visiting and @USAinUK. 

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