Travel at Home: Revisiting Exchange Alumni Experiences

Documenting travel provides an opportunity to both record memories and to chronicle our paths for others. These records allow others to follow the unique twists and turns of travel from the comfort of their homes. There are wonderful travel resources — books, articles, TV shows — with which to discover the world. 

Lucky for us at Cultural Vistas, we can travel vicariously through our participants by reading their stories of impact and adventure.

Here are some great examples to share, which may serve as an inspiration for a time when we are able to travel again.

Revisiting the United States

Felix Stoeth, a German participant on the Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange Program, chronicles his experiences on the program on his blog. His insightful posts compare what he might encounter in the United States to his actual experiences. While his blog is in German, (good practice for the German-speakers out there) the photos, particularly of Maui, need no translation!


Photo Credit: Felix Stoeth

Revisiting Germany

The Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange is reciprocal in nature. While Felix chronicles his experience in the U.S. as a German participant, Maggie Borders, recounts her experiences in Germany as an American. One of the best things about travel is trying new foods and drinks. Maggie explores the topic with some fun insights about what you find in Germany, like curry in ketchup!

Hänchenschnitzel with the rare non-curry ketchup. Photo Credit: Maggie

Revisiting Bosnia & Herzegovina

Blogs and photographs become snapshots of a time and place. If you have ever returned to a place you once lived, you have probably discovered it is never quite the same as how it was in the time you were there. This also makes chronicling an experience so special and insightful. An example of this is Emma Williams’ blog about her time as an IAESTE intern in Sarajevo in 2014. 

Revisiting Argentina

Amiee Jackson also had a unique experience in Argentina, via the Cultural Vistas Internship Program. Amiee’s work placement was at Che3D, a business focused on designing and manufacturing plastic products using 3D printing. Amiee also explored some exciting extracurricular activities, including yoga, tango, acro-yoga, and guitar. These activities added to an enriching experience in this southern nation.

The port of Montevideo near the famous Ancla de Graf Spee. Photo Credit: Amiee Jackson

Revisiting Russia

It’s not only participants who have transformative experiences on our programs. Partners, family members, and friends get to experience new places through our participants, leading to their own adventures. Arjan Mook, Alfa Fellowship Program alumna, Nicole McNeilly’s partner, details his travel experiences by writing travel guides to the former Soviet Union on his website, “The Baltican.” This visually stunning blog “made my travels even more fun… because I was actually building something with my experiences,” says Arjan.

Corinne Leech, mother to Alfa Fellowship Program alum, George Leech, traveled 12,780 km by rail including a stop in Moscow to visit her son. She crossed two continents on 10 trains during her journey from Vladivostok, Russia to Lancaster, United Kingdom. Learn more about Corinne’s adventures here.

Stolby National Park. Photo Credit: Arjan Mook

Revisit your own travel!

Perhaps these blogs and photos will serve as your inspiration to chronicle your own adventures abroad. If so, please share them with us! We always enjoy going on new adventures, even when we’re not leaving our homes. 


For more photos from our alumni of their international experiences, explore our #ReVISIT series around the world.