Theo Fuss Honored with the 2022 Award for Excellence in International Skill-Building

Berlin (May 17, 2022) – In recognition of the increasing need for robust international skills to help solve global challenges, Cultural Vistas has honored Theo Fuss and his team at the GIZ with the 2022 Award for Excellence in International Skill-Building.

Theo Fuss (seated) and team are honored for their work in building German-American relations.

This award highlights excellence in international exchange of young people in career and technical education or vocational programs, a group still largely underrepresented in international opportunities abroad. While countless exchange programs exist for students on an academic track, there are still relatively few opportunities available to young people who have completed an apprenticeship or come from a vocational training background.

One such opportunity, the Congress-Bundestag for Young Professionals (CBYX), has done just that for the past 39 years. When the program was first started, it was a radical idea to provide a year-long scholarship program to candidates from vocational backgrounds. CBYX is now one of the most successful and long-standing people-to-people exchange programs that exist between the United States and Germany.

Cultural Vistas’ President & CEO, Jennifer Clinton alongside honored guests presented the award at a ceremony in Berlin on Tuesday evening, May 17. See the full photo album

from left: 2022 Honorees Doreen Paap, Steffi Muschalik, Theo Fuss, and Katharina Belger.

“Tonight, we are thrilled to be able to come together to honor one of the pillars of the German-American exchange community with our Award for Excellence in International Skill-Building. This honor is bestowed annually to an individual or institution working to bring positive change in the world by giving young people from vocational education backgrounds a chance to explore the world and grow. We are therefore pleased that members of the German Bundestag Administration, the U.S. Embassy, the PPP Alumni Group, and the Carl Duisberg Centren are here tonight to help us honor Theo Fuss and his team, who made the dream of going abroad possible for thousands of young professionals from Germany over the past 40 years. said Jennifer in her welcome remarks to the audience of over 70 guests at the offices of Cultural Vistas gGmbH in Berlin.

from left: Eva Poppe, Cultural Vistas Alumni Council Co-Chair and PPP alumna with Theo Fuss

Guests shared stories of Theo Fuss and his team which highlighted the partnership and dedication they put into making the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals a life-changing experience both personally and professionally. One such individual, Eva Poppe, remembered the words of encouragement Theo offered when she embarked on her journey to the U.S. almost 20 years ago.

Today, Eva is the Co-Chair of the Cultural Vistas Alumni Council representing PPP alumni as part of the global community of alumni that Cultural Vistas has built through its portfolio of more than 30 exchange programs. Learn more at