Introducing the Cultural Vistas Blog

At Cultural Vistas, everything we do is focused on fulfilling our mission.

For more than 60 years, our exchange programs have allowed individuals – from high school and university students to emerging and established professionals – to enrich their minds, advance their global skills, build their careers, and connect with counterparts around the world.

Today, we take our efforts one step further with the launch of the Cultural Vistas Blog.

Through our work, we provide a vehicle for the exchange of viewpoints and ideas across cultures. Our experiential programs act as a catalyst for cultivating critical thinking skills, creating meaningful dialogue and advancing understanding and cooperation between the United States and other nations.

We aim to do the very same through this forum.

Cultural Vistas now has more than 80 full-time staff across its offices in New York City, Washington, D.C. and Berlin.

We know international exchange because we’ve lived it. Our staff of more than 80 skilled and passionate professionals (and growing!) has direct experience living abroad in nearly 40 countries and speaks more than 20 different languages.

Last year, they journeyed to more than 20 countries to promote exchange, to ensure our programs are of the utmost quality, as well as to learn, explore, grow and challenge themselves. Our dynamic and diverse alumni base grows every year and now consists of more than 100,000 individuals spanning the United States and 140 different countries around the globe.

Through the Cultural Vistas Blog, these individuals will share their vast experience and knowledge to create a valuable resource for the broader international exchange community, our program participants and alumni, our many partners and host organizations, and for all those looking to get ahead by having a professional experience in a foreign country.

Whether you’re a student preparing to live overseas for the first time, a young professional trying to land that coveted fellowship, an exchange alumnus seeking to leverage your time abroad to climb the career ladder, or a company in the U.S. or overseas looking to launch new ventures or connect with foreign markets; this space provides case studies, actionable information, and advice that help you move forward.

At Cultural Vistas, we are committed to empowering individuals and impacting lives through international exchange.

We are thrilled to open this new communication channel that gives voice to our team, participants and alumni to personally demonstrate the value of international work experience and the capacity of exchange programs to change the world.

We hope you are excited too!

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