Edmund S. Muskie Professional Fellowship Program Forms 2023 Alumni Council

Washington, D.C. (January 3, 2023) – The Edmund S. Muskie Professional Fellowship Program is thrilled to announce the newly-selected Alumni Council for 2023.

The inaugural Muskie Alumni Council was formed in 2020, and successfully established the foundations of the council and core mission of the group. Council members created a comprehensive charter that provided direction through a difficult year that saw the world transition into the virtual sphere due to COVID-19.

The 2023 Muskie Alumni Council is made up of 10 dedicated program alumni from 9 professional fields, including but not limited to business, law, environmental management, political science/international relations, and architecture. These alumni are the unique position to build on the council’s mission and further enhance the program’s goals by offering engagement opportunities for an ever-growing alumni network. The Council will serve as the representative body of the Muskie Program as it seeks to further strengthen international cooperation and the exchange of ideas and skills that practically serve the professional interests of its alumni community. New Council member Kanat Bazaraly, Muskie class of 2019, laid out the Council’s role moving forward: “In my vision I see the Muskie Alumni network as a hub for announcing joint projects and support for each other on a professional and personal level.”

The Council has already started their work with Karla Hill-Donisch of Hill & Company. As part of their first meeting, council members participated in several teambuilding activities to get to know one another, made commitments on how they will function as a cohesive unit, and defined victory by outlining some objectives for a successful 2023 term. After a productive opening meeting, Council members and the Muskie team are eager to resume their action planning in January.

Though their work will be difficult as they navigate the complexities of a region undergoing transformation, Council members expressed excitement at the ability to strengthen future alumni engagement opportunities and give professional guidance to their peers in a time of need. Members believe that the benefits of a strong alumni network are critical to overcoming these challenges as a community. Muskie Class of 2019 alumna, Zamira Atlukhanova, captured the council’s goal: “During our program, we met a bunch of amazing people who we got to really know, got to love and still stay in touch with on a daily basis. This is a family. And family shares its best values with the following generations.”

We are excited to introduce the 2023 Muskie Alumni Council!:

Aiymzhan Almazbekova
Muskie Class of 2022

Albina Hartner
Muskie Class of 2019

Anton Boltachka
Muskie Class of 2021

Kanat Bazaraly
Muskie Class of 2019

Ramil Kazimov
Muskie Class of 2020
International Relations

Tatiana Schitco
Muskie Class of 2022

Timur Sabitov
Muskie Class of 2018
Environmental Management/Geospatial Engineering

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