Cultural Vistas President Jennifer Clinton Interviewed on WUCF TV’s Global Perspectives

Cultural Vistas President and CEO Jennifer Clinton, Ph.D., was featured on Global Perspectives, a television program on Orlando’s PBS affiliate WUCF TV, on Sunday morning, April 1.

Jennifer spoke with Pulitzer-winning journalist John Bersia about Cultural Vistas’ long history in promoting global understanding through international experiential learning opportunities, as well as newer trends and developments.

Specific topics included the rise of short-term exchange programs, the notable increase in younger applicants, and how the skills learned during such programs are especially relevant in today’s evolving world.

The discussion focused on the value of international exchange in the context of global trends of isolationism. “I think we have to embrace the world of change and chaos,” Clinton said. “Practicing changing your environments and changing your perspectives on a regular basis—will really equip people for the future.”

Click below to watch the full interview: