Cultural Vistas and Hostelling International USA to Host ‘Cultures Collide’ Talks Featuring Award-Winning Author Richard C. Morais

How do we live with the quickening mash-up of cultures that is the result of mass migration?

What precisely happens, on a personal and societal level, when an individual makes their way from one corner of the globe to another in the 21st century?  

This is what Richard C. Morais, celebrated author of The Hundred-Foot Journey and the newly-released The Man with No Borders, will be exploring this fall during the ‘Cultures Collide’ Tour, as he walks through all the issues – creative and destructive, individual and collective, spiritual and mundane – that the human drive to migrate unleashes in the world.

Cultural Vistas is pleased to host Morais for the first of three talks in three cities on Thursday evening, October 17, when he provides the keynote at the Cultural Vistas Awards Gala at the Tribeca Rooftop in Lower Manhattan. Established in 2018, the Cultural Vistas Awards Gala will bring together leaders from across the business, education, government, and diplomatic communities for an evening celebrating the diversity of people, ideas, knowledge, and skills shared through international exchange.

The following week the tour heads to the West Coast for the first of two events co-hosted by Cultural Vistas and Hostelling International USA (HI USA) on Monday evening, October 21 at HI USA’s Fisherman’s Wharf location in San Francisco. Fittingly, the third talk will take place during International Education Week on Thursday evening, November 21 at HI USA’s Boston location.

In San Francisco and Boston, Morais’ talks will be followed by a panel discussion including local community experts and a light reception.

All proceeds will support Cultural Vistas’ and HI USA’s efforts to expand access to immersive international learning and travel opportunities through each organization’s need-based scholarship funds.

About Richard C. Morais
Richard C. Morais is an American journalist and novelist. He is best known as the author of the New York Times and international bestseller The Hundred-Foot Journey, a novel about an Indian chef in France that sold in 35 territories worldwide. In 2014, Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey released The Hundred-Foot Journey as a film starring Helen Mirren and Om Puri. His latest novel, The Man with No Borders, is the story of an aristocratic Spanish private banker dying in Switzerland and coming to terms with his life, and was released globally on September 1, by Amazon’s literary imprint, Little A. Morais’ sophomore novel Buddhaland Brooklyn is about a Japanese Buddhist priest building a temple in New York, and is currently in development as a premium TV series with K&L Productions. The complex issues that arise around diversity and the challenges and opportunities inherent to cross-cultural experience are a cornerstone of Morais’ literary works. During the tour, his three novels will serve as a jumping off point to discuss the immense blessings and very real dangers that occur when different cultures encounter each other. Read Richard’s full bio

About Cultural Vistas
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