Cultural Vistas Alumni Happenings: September 2015

We at Cultural Vistas are extremely proud of the activities, accomplishments, and new adventures that our diverse alumni pursue throughout their lives and their careers. Whether launching the latest Silicon Valley startup, hiking Kilamanjaro, or designing the coolest new mobile app, we love to cheer them on in everything they do. Here are a few highlights of what some of the Cultural Vistas alumni have been up to.

1) Alberto Soler Soto

An International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) alum from Spain, Alberto recently spoke about his professional program in the United States at a film screening of The IVLP Experience: Connecting Cultures, Impacting Lives in Berlin. Thanks again, Alberto, for joining us all the way from Spain, sharing about your experience, and speaking from your heart.

2) Parke Nicholson

Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship alum, Parke Nicholson recently published a Foreign Affairs article on “The Myth of a Mighty Germany: Berlin Isn’t as Powerful as You Think.” Though the title might be deceiving, Parke’s Bosch alumni pride shines through when he says, “It is indeed a good time to be a Germanophile.” Be sure to read the article to see what else he has to say about Germany’s role in the world.

3) Ella Rasp

Inspired by her experience in Singapore and Malaysia, Ella Rasp, a 2014 American Youth Leadership Program (AYLP) alumna, was recently highlighted in the Owatonna People’s Press for her work in transforming a courtyard at her school into a green space that other students could enjoy while also using it as a platform “to talk about sustainability in school.” Her new initiative, GardenUp, is a vertical garden movement to build community through sustainability.

4) Jori Bonadurer

Another 2014 AYLP alumna, Jori Bonadurer, shared about her experience in Singapore in this awesome YouTube video: The Story of NewThought.

If you are an alum of a program administered by Cultural Vistas and are interested in sharing your story or connecting with current and former colleagues at Cultural Vistas, please post in the comments below.