Countering Extremism the Focus of New U.S.-U.K. Exchange Program

33 American + British community leaders will travel to each other’s respective cities to promote tolerance and prevent radicalization in new transatlantic initiative

WASHINGTON – Cultural Vistas is pleased to administer the U.S.-U.K. Countering Violent Extremism Community Leaders Exchange, sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in London. This new initiative will bring 17 American and 16 British community leaders together to learn from each other’s experiences in promoting tolerance and preventing radicalization in their communities.

Beginning later this month, Cultural Vistas will lead two weeklong visits in the United Kingdom that will connect nine community leaders from Los Angeles to their counterparts in London (May 9-16), and eight individuals from Denver to counterparts in the city of Birmingham (May 18-25). As a reciprocal exchange program, this program will also bring U.K. community leaders to the States. In July, the British participants will take part in weeklong programs in Los Angeles and Denver to see firsthand how these issues are addressed locally, and gain a greater understanding of the melting pot of American culture in these cities.

As the cultures of the United States and United Kingdom continue to diversify, both nations are facing societal divides and searching for new ways to increase understanding among their populations.

With this in mind, Cultural Vistas has organized a diverse itinerary to expose its 17 American participants to the many ways in which the United Kingdom, its government, and its communities are confronting extremism and security issues. While overseas, the group will visit government and educational institutions, NGOs, and religious leaders, where they will have opportunities to hear different perspectives on the importance of education, safety and security, cultural understanding, and tolerance.

This tour includes meetings with representatives and officials from the U.S. Embassy in London, the Home Office, the City of Birmingham, London’s Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime, and  Prevent– as well as various cultural and networking activities.

The program itinerary was specifically designed to highlight the demographic, cultural, and political diversity of each participating city, while promoting a deeper understanding of how communities promote tolerance, even in the face of adversity. Cultural Vistas staff will travel with the group for the duration of the program.

Cultural Vistas endeavors to strengthen global cooperation and build mutual understanding through its variety of special initiatives and short‐term programs. Learn more about the U.S. Embassy in London by visiting

2017 U.S.-U.K. Countering Violent Extremism Community Leaders Exchange

Participating Communities
United Kingdom: Birmingham, London
United States: Denver, Los Angeles

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