Boston + Manchester Community Leaders Collaborate on Violence Prevention Efforts

10-day exchange program provided U.S. and U.K. community leaders with platform to share best practices and strategies to promote tolerance and prevent radicalization

MANCHESTER – Cultural Vistas is pleased to continue and expand the U.S.-U.K. Community Leadership in Preventing Violence Exchange, sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in London. To date, this ongoing initiative has seen 41 community leaders come together to learn from each other’s experiences in promoting acceptance and preventing radicalization in their respective communities.

Most recently, Cultural Vistas welcomed eight community leaders representing the city of Manchester to Boston in December 2017. Beginning January 11, eight Bostonians will travel to Manchester for 10 days as part of this reciprocal arrangement to showcase firsthand how Manchester is addressing the issue of violence and promoting community cohesion.

While an ocean apart, Boston and Manchester connect deeply on matters of community resilience as both have experienced attacks in recent history. In the aftermath of these instances, the two cities have focused on safeguarding their citizens through parallel measures, including police community outreach efforts, new initiatives to support  vulnerable youth, and increased public-private partnerships with community-based NGOs.

With this in mind, Cultural Vistas has organized a diverse itinerary to expose the eight American participants to the policies and programs for confronting extremism and security issues both on a national and city level. While overseas, the group will visit government entities in London before carrying on to Manchester for a local perspective. They will speak with educational institutions, NGOs, and religious leaders in order to gain different perspectives on how to protect citizens from vulnerabilities through education, community engagement, cultural understanding, and tolerance.

This short-term exchange program includes meetings with representatives and officials from the U.S. Embassy in London, the Home Office, the City of Manchester, and Prevent– as well as various cultural and networking activities.

The itinerary was specifically designed to highlight the demographic, cultural, and political diversity of each participating city, while promoting a deeper understanding of how communities promote tolerance, even in the face of adversity.

Cultural Vistas endeavors to strengthen global cooperation and build mutual understanding through its variety of special initiatives and short‐term programs. Its staff will travel with the group for the duration of the program.

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2018 U.S.-U.K. Community Leadership in Preventing Violence Exchange

Participating Communities
United Kingdom: Manchester
United States: Boston

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