Biking Adventures in Buenos Aires

In the United States, going into the office on a Saturday is usually seen as a dreaded injustice against those who find themselves dragging themselves out of bed on a day meant for relaxation and fun after a long week of work. But for me, going to my internship at Amigos de la Tierra on a Saturday meant a day of exploring the city.

Every few weeks Amigos de la Tierra, an environmental organization in Buenos Aires, has a Bici, or a bicycle, tour around the city involving nature, food, and fellowship. On Saturday it was just my supervisor, Natalia, and I riding our bikes through the streets.

Going to school in Washington, D.C., I’m very used to seeing cyclists and their near death encounters with drivers who seem to think they have the same amount of protection as a car; so I must admit, I was a little nervous to bike through a big city. Thankfully, Buenos Aires is full of bike lanes large enough that I felt safe cycling alongside traffic.

The first stop we made was in Plaza Italiano, which is a beautiful park that becomes full of people on nice days. I felt weightless and free as we zipped past kids playing in the park and families sprawled out on the grass. I was having so much fun that I attempted to document our ride on Snapchat, which proved to be extremely hazardous as I unknowingly dropped my phone while crossing a busy intersection. Thankfully, a kind stranger came running behind me with my phone in their hand. Needless to say, I stuck to simply enjoying the experience as opposed to documenting it simultaneously (at least while in motion).

Our last stop before heading back to the office was at a market for small farmers and artisans where one of Amigos de la Tierra’s partners has an organic food shop. While there, we helped them weigh and package some of their products, and I even got to taste a few. After spending about an hour working and socializing at the market we headed back to to the Amigos de la Tierra office to end the day’s adventure. Despite my fears and doubts about cycling through the city, I had a great time and may even try it when I return to D.C. for school.


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