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Societies around the world are struggling to address and find solutions to a myriad of global challenges facing our communities: terrorism, climate change, education and workforce development, global migration, political disillusionment, and many more.

We are standing at a crossroads with significant political and societal changes influencing our lives at every turn. These changes and challenges can understandably be unsettling as we try to determine what the impact will be and how we can best prepare  for the future developing around us.

Even with all the uncertainty around us, some things never change. International exchange programs  remain vital to promoting democratic values, developing the capacity of high potential leaders, and strengthening understanding and enduring ties between nations.

With more than 30 programs serving 7,500 students, emerging leaders, professionals, and organizations from 130-plus countries annually, our commitment to promote, design and implement meaningful overseas learning experiences is stronger than ever.

As alumni and friends of Cultural Vistas, you know how vital this work is. This is why we are asking you for your support.

We hope you will embrace this opportunity to ensure more individuals have access to these transformative experiences.


Ways to Give

Your contributions to Cultural Vistas are sincerely appreciated, and we are pleased to offer a range of giving options for your convenience. To support our mission and programming through our annual fund, we invite you to:

You may also contribute to the endowed Cultural Vistas Scholarship Fund or the Cultural Vistas Fellowship, which both support young Americans going overseas for the very first time.  Gifts starting at $25,000 may be endowed in named funds.

If you are interested in learning more about how you, your organization or company can be involved with Cultural Vistas,  please do not hesitate to contact Nina Rissman, at 212.497.3500 or We’d be happy to discuss options with you.