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Our nonprofit embraces the significant role that real-time communications plays in today’s world. Cultural Vistas’ online communities seek to create a host of new ways to inform, listen, learn from, and engage our stakeholders.

These communities make it easy to keep abreast of the latest happenings within the field of international education and exchange, allow us to share the impact of our work ‘as it happens’, while also providing a convenient forum for our American and international alumni to stay connected with us and one another.

Whether you’ve known us for a while or are just now getting to know us, here are some ways you can connect with us.

Join an Alumni Network

Just because your exchange has come to an end, doesn’t mean our relationship has to. If you’ve ever participated in one of our programs, we want to hear from you.

Learn about new opportunities available to you via the Cultural Vistas Alumni Network and join our many online communities to stay in touch and share ideas and resources with alumni of our professional programs in the United States and around the world.


While we, of course, maintain regular office hours; we pride ourselves on ensuring these forums are ‘always on’ and are responsive to your inquiries or needs as they arise.


Read, Comment, and Share Expert Advice On Our Blog

We want to hear your ideas, tips, and experiences. Check out our latest posts or become a contributor yourself: