9 Untranslatable Words In Different Languages

Sometimes, words aren’t enough. That’s why we’ve started collecting untranslatable words and concepts from different languages and translating them on our Instagram page.

Here are the words we’ve collected so far. Which words did we miss? Comment on one of the Instagram posts below to let us know.

Untranslatable Words

1) Fernweh (German)

2) Komorebi (Japanese)

3) Koselig (Norwegian)

Submitted by Laura Graham (@uwalau), YSEALI Generation: Earth alumna.

4) Waldeinsamkeit (German)

5) Culaccino (Italian)

6) Gufra (Arabic)

7) Bayanihan (Filipino)

Submitted by Jules Guiang (@JULESguiang), YSEALI Generation: Earth alumnus.

8) Torschlusspanik (German)

Submitted by @FranzWRivera, CBYX alumnus.

9) Dépaysement (French)

Lauren Aitken

Lauren Aitken

Lauren is pursuing her Master's Degree in Education Policy and Management at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, focusing on language education policy. Previously, she worked in international exchange programs at the U.S. Department of State, Cultural Vistas, and Meridian International Center.

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