Bongsub Song

This internship was truly a beneficial experience not only because I gained what I had hoped for but also because I experienced far more than what I had expected. Before the internship, I had hoped to obtain knowledge that one cannot acquire from books. This internship also let me envision a more clear and detailed future for myself.

Jan Mauldin

It was a sincere pleasure working with Katharina for six months. She is a bright, articulate, hard-working young woman, and was always anxious to participate, to learn more, and to contribute. That work ethic, combined with her sense of humor and determination to excel, made for an excellent employee.

Peter Newman

Ines was outstanding in every aspect of her work. Of course, that is typical of all of the individuals who have been associated with the CBYX program and worked with us. I hope that you will provide our firm’s name to any of your future participants who will be placed in our city—we would hire them immediately.

Dave Ellis

The two CBYX students at our college this year seem very happy. I have worked with this program for over 10 years, and Cultural Vistas has always been organized, willing to help, and timely in answering all of my questions.

The Sears Family

We have thoroughly enjoyed having German participants living with us for the past 3 years. We feel that we have added 3 new members to our family. This has been an uplifting educational and cultural experience for our entire family, friends, and community.