J-1 Research Scholar

Cultural Vistas is happy to announce that we are now sponsoring J-1 Research Scholars!  

Research Scholars are foreign nationals with demonstrated expertise in a given field whose primary purpose in the U.S. is to conduct research, observe, lecture or consult in connection with projects at American research institutions, corporate research facilities, or academic institutions. These visitors can be based in the U.S. from 3 weeks to 5 years. Programs originally slated for a shorter period of time may be extended as the project continues. We can only sponsor those research scholars who are in STEM fields. 

Sponsorship eligibility is dependent upon: 

  • The U.S. Host Company’s ability to offer a bonafide position that utilizes the participants expertise and aligns with the intent of the J-1 BridgeUSA Program.  
  • The U.S. Host Company and projects resources to sustain themselves throughout the J-1 Program, to provide a physical location for project/ work activity, and the ability to provide the J-1 participant with qualified supervision.  
  • A program that allows for collaboration and cultural exchange with American colleagues.  
  • The J-1 applicant’s credentials deem them an expert in the area of research or consultation, demonstrated through both Cultural Vistas’ application process, as well as by the Host Organizations evaluation of the candidate upon extending the position offer. (A minimum of a completed Bachelor’s Degree required.)  

Both the scholar and the host company must apply to Cultural Vistas. Scholars can apply online here and host companies can apply online here.

Once submitted, Cultural Vistas will review both applications for eligibility. If deemed eligible for sponsorship, Cultural Vistas will issue the necessary sponsorship documents, and guide the parties through the subsequent steps. 

Additionally, new host companies that have not previously been approved by Cultural Vistas are invoiced for a $300 one-time fee to cover the cost of their evaluation and vetting process.

Please note that the scholar cannot pay this fee on behalf of his or her host company. Please see http://culturalvistas.org/programs/us/j-1-internships-training/ for details.

For additional questions regarding the application process, program eligibility requirements, or fees and refund policies, host companies and scholars can contact Cultural Vistas at bd@culturalvistas.org

Click the below Visa Process flow chart to enlarge!