Improve Your English

As you prepare to begin your training program in the U.S., you may be interested in honing your English skills to ensure greater comprehension and performance. Pursuing additional language study can enhance your learning experience, and provide long-term benefits! Cultural Vistas’ has partnered with the following institution to support you in further developing your English language proficiency.

Kaplan International

English Language Courses with a Business Focus

To prepare for the fast-paced, competitive workplace in the United States, Kaplan International offers Cultural Vistas program participants the opportunity to study our part-time English course with additional Business English components during your program grace period (the 30 days prior to the start of your J-1 internship or training program).

Students take part in an English lesson at Kaplan International English in Washington DC.

Participants will get a targeted immersive English language experience while also having the opportunity to make new international friends prior to the Cultural Vistas J-1 program.

During the 4-week Kaplan International English program, you will improve your language skills and gain transferable skills to make you more effective in business situations.

The course will help you improve your general English language skills as well as learn specific communication skills for the workplace. You will learn the vocabulary you need to thrive in business settings and efficiently collaborate with English-speaking colleagues.

Course Details
Courses are held in-person by professional instructors in the following locations and are open to all participants, regardless of the  internship/training program location.

Duration 4 weeks of part-time intensive English
Lesson length 45 minutes
Class size up to 15
Locations California Los Angeles
San Diego
San Francisco
Massachusetts Boston
New York New York City
Washington Seattle

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