Dr. ‘Dimeji R. Togunde 

Spelman College, Vice Provost for Global Education

Dr. ‘Dimeji R. Togunde is professor of international studies and vice provost for global education at the Gordon-Zeto Center for Global Education at Spelman College, where he is responsible for building strategic partnerships aimed at enhancing student international exchanges, faculty and students’ research, and students’ global learning experiences. ‘Dimeji oversees the Office of Semester Study Abroad, Cultural Orientation Program, Global STEM Program, International Affairs Center, International Student Services, and all study abroad programs led by faculty and staff.
A scholar-practitioner, he has expertise in developing and implementing strategic planning on campus internationalization, global studies curriculum, student learning outcomes, faculty development, accreditation, and strategic initiatives for enhancing access, diversity, and inclusion in international education. He directs the operations of the Gordon-Zeto Center for Global Education and stewards a $17 million endowment to support international initiatives. Togunde received his Ph.D. Degree in Development Sociology from Cornell University. He  has been working closely with Cultural Vistas on our STEM Launch program (sending students from Spelman to Germany to explore careers in the STEM fields) for over five years. He also spearheaded our pilot project to East Africa in 2023. ‘Dimeji brings an important academic institutional perspective.