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Building a Diverse and Inclusive Culture of Remembrance (DAICOR)

Reimagining public spaces to reflect shared experiences and learnings

Building stronger cultures of remembrance.

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Cultural Vistas New Transatlantic Synergies: Building a Diverse and Inclusive Culture of Remembrance (DAICOR) is a reciprocal transatlantic exchange program for individuals with a professional interest in the promotion of an inclusive and progressive culture of remembrance in public spaces in Germany and the United States.

Twice per year, 16 individuals – eight from the U.S. and eight from Germany – come together to explore how diversity, equity and inclusion are currently being implemented in the memorial cultures of each country.

The program features a series of meetings, case studies, and group reflections with experts, policymakers, and government representatives, as well as visits to memorial institutions, museums, and institutions for political and cultural education. 

Selected participants explore how the public space can be reimagined to reflect more diverse and honest remembrances, while comparing lessons learned and best practices from each country’s past and current efforts. By the end of the program, participants are expected to devise an action plan that further contributes to an inclusive and tolerant culture of remembrance.

Please contact Patricia Pahlke with any questions you may have with the information below.

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