Train USA Costs and Fees

Cultural Vistas is dedicated to remaining an affordable option for international students, professionals, and host companies seeking to bring international Exchange Visitors to their organizations. Our fee structure is outlined below. Please note that this structure is subject to change.

Required Fees + Services

Program, insurance, and SEVIS I-901 fees are mandatory for all programs. Fees are per participant and based on program length and participant status.

Program Fees

The program fee covers the evaluation and administrative support Cultural Vistas provides through the participant and host company application process; the issuance of visa sponsorship documents; orientation and resources provided to participants in preparation for their arrival to the U.S.; maintenance of the participant’s SEVIS record and on-going support throughout the training program; services including a 24 hour hotline available to participants and resources for filing appropriate tax forms; cultural activities organized in major U.S. cities; and more.
J-1 Intern and Trainee Program Fees

Program Length Student* Non-student
Up to 3 months $900 $995
Up to 6 months $1,125 $1,395
Up to 12 months $1,375 $1,695
Up to 18 months N/A $1,895

*Students are defined as individuals currently enrolled in a post-secondary degree program outside the United States.
J-1 Research Scholars, Short-Term Scholars, & Specialists
Program Length Fee
Programs 0 – 3 months $1,000
Programs 3 – 6 months $1,300
Programs 6 – 12 months $1,600
Programs 12 – 24 months $2,000
Programs 24 – 36 months $2,400
Programs 36 – 48 months $2,800
Programs 48 – 60 months $3,200
Health Insurance: from $60/month

Participants are required to have insurance through Cultural Vistas. We offer two options for individual health insurance:
Standard Lite: $60/month
Enhanced: $100/month

Additionally, we offer a family plan: $520/month that covers the J-1 Intern/Trainee and accompanying family members on the J-2 visa.

Talk Space messaging icon We are proud to offer a new benefit to participants enrolled in one of Cultural Vistas' health insurance plans after September 5, 2017: unlimited Talkspace messaging completely free of charge. Talkspace is an online therapy platform that allows users to engage in counseling with an individual licensed therapist through unlimited text, audio and video messages in a private chat room. Login instructions can be found on your My Healthcare Zone portal.

SEVIS I-901: $220
The SEVIS I-901 fee is a federally mandated fee that supports SEVIS, an automated system that tracks exchange visitors activity in the United States. Cultural Vistas pays the fee on behalf of the exchange visitor and issues a copy of the receipt. The original receipt will be mailed directly to the participant in his or her home country a few weeks later.

Additional Fees + Services - these may be required

New Host Company: $300
All companies who have either never worked with Cultural Vistas or who have not yet completed a successful training program through our organization within the past three (3) years will be required to pay a one-time registration fee. (A successful program is defined as a program during which both the mid-term and final evaluations were completed as required). This fee covers the research Cultural Vistas does to ensure your company is reputable; to make certain your company meets the standards that are outlined by U.S. Department of State for all J-1 Visa host companies; and to guarantee that you understand your responsibilities as a U.S. host company to a J-1 Visa holder (this includes training, supervision, evaluations to be completed by trainee and supervisor, etc). Once your company has hosted a successful training program, your registration is considered complete and you will not have to pay the new company fee again. This fee is non-refundable and cannot be paid by the participant.
Expedited Site Visit: $1,500
This fee applies to any new company that requests the required site visit to take place within five business days of application submission.
Regular Site Visit: $300
Travel Validation: $50
All participants who plan to travel outside of the United States (not required for travel to Canada or Mexico) during their programs must send their DS-2019 Form to Cultural Vistas to be approved for travel.
DS-2019 Replacement: $100
This fee applies whenever we need to replace or amend your DS-2019 Form.
Program Extension: varies
This fee applies if you request to extend the length of an active program.

Program Extension Length Fee
Up to 3 additional months $550
3 to 6 additional months $650
over 6 additional months $750

Expedited program extension: If an program extension application is submitted fewer than 10 business days prior to the original program end date, an additional $750 expedited fee will be incurred.
J-2 Fee: $750
This is the application fee for issuance of the DS-2019 Form for dependents of J-1 applicants. Extensions are available on a case by case basis.
J-2 Health Insurance (family): $520/month
This fee applies if the J-2 dependents wish to purchase insurance through Cultural Vistas and plan to arrive within 2 months of the J-1. This plan covers the J-1 participant and their J-2 dependents.

Please note that all J-1 Visa applicants must pay a fee of $160 (please note on May 30, 2023 the fee will increase to $185) to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate where they interview for the visa. Canadian citizens are exempt from scheduling an interview and paying this fee.

Expedited Fees + Services - if applicable

All complete applications are processed in 4 - 6 weeks. Need it done faster? Our expedited service guarantees that a completed application is evaluated within five business days. To take advantage of this service, check the box next to 'expedited service' on the participant or host company application form.
Expedited Service: $1,350
Ten business day processing for complete applications.
Expedited Service: $1,500
Five business day processing for complete applications.

Refund Policy

Refunds will be issued only to the party who paid the fee. Cultural Vistas reserves the right to withhold additional monies or refuse a refund request.

Fee Type Refund—
Cultural Vistas rejection, or withdrawal prior to approval decision
Embassy denial or program cancellation post-approval decision
Program Fee 50% $0
SEVIS Fee 100% $0
Insurance Fee 100% (minus admin fee)** varies**
New Employer Fee* 0% $0
Expedited Application Review* 0% $0
Expedited Site Visit* 0% $0
Dependent 100% $0
Dependent Insurance 100% (minus admin fee)** varies**
Extension 0% 0%
Forms Replacement N/A N/A

*If the expedited review, site visit, or new employer vetting has not been completed a partial refund may be possible. **Insurance may only be refunded prior to entering the United States.