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How to Work from Home When You’re Far From “Home” 

Working in a new country is exciting. You’re ready to get to know your neighborhood and your co-workers and eat all of the local cuisines you can.  But all over the globe, people have moved from working in offices to working from home, making “working abroad” look, well, a bit different. This transition can be difficult to deal with. Not only are you trying to balance your role, but you’re also trying to navigate a new environment, which can be daunting at times. Below are a few tips on how to make the most of your experience remotely working abroad.  …

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How My Life Abroad Helped Me Cope in This Pandemic 

On March 11, I left the office with my laptop. Our office instructed us to do this every day in case of a sudden remote work situation. I stopped at the grocery store on my way home and have been (mostly) here ever since. These days, I’m reminded of the feeling of isolation I experienced when I lived abroad in Saarbrücken, a small town in Germany.  It’s not the same as living through a pandemic. But, I think back on that time and how uncertain everything felt.  However, I am reminded of how building routines and learning to enjoy spending…

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My Experience With Georgia’s Unique Wine Scene

I’ve learned during my Alfa Fellowship in Russia that despite what you might think, one of the main attractions in Moscow is the food. Contrary to the stereotypes of Russian cuisine as gristly meat in a beetroot purple liquid, the Russian capital now offers world class food, including my favourite: Georgian restaurants. I’m not talking about restaurants serving southern fried chicken, or dishes from 18th-century Britain, but the cuisine containing the pomegranates, walnuts, meats, aubergines, and spices typical of the southern Caucasian country of Georgia. A month working in the Georgian capital Tbilisi in 2013 taught me that few things…

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How Sister Cities are Strengthening Citizen Diplomacy

Close your eyes and imagine a diplomat. Tell me, what do you see? Is it a sharply dressed person with a dark suit and a pair of round, thin-framed glasses? Or perhaps someone with a thick binder of talking points? Is this diplomat shaking hands with their counterpart in front of a pair of gracefully draping flags? Now open your eyes and look in the mirror. The diplomat is you. I’m talking about citizen diplomacy. Through citizen diplomacy, everyone can be a diplomat.

What It’s Like to Intern in India

Interning in a country overseas, such as India, sounds exciting. But what is an Indian internship really like? Our Cultural Vistas Fellows in Bangalore are sharing their insights on their internship placements in real-time. Cynthia, Molly, Isabel, and Brenda, are interning for the Habitat for Humanity India Trust, the Selco Foundation, Indian Institute for Human Settlements, and the Akshaya Patra Foundation. Read about their experiences in their own words. Cynthia’s Internship at Habitat for Humanity Cynthia Rann Albright College, International Business Internship Host: Habitat for Humanity India Trust Habitat for Humanity India Trust is a non-governmental organization that focuses on disaster relief, building homes,…

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