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How to Teach in the USA on Any Budget

Unanticipated expenses while traveling abroad in any country can lead to a cloud of financial gloom hanging over you regardless of weather. In the case of teaching in a country with a particularly high cost of living like the U.S., being financially aware and making a realistic budget before your trip is one of the best ways to avoid unnecessary stress during your exchange experience. As a longtime J-1 Visa sponsor, we at Cultural Vistas are experts at helping people budget for U.S.-based exchange programs like Teach USA. Before you go to teach in the U.S., take a lesson from…

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International Teachers Leave Their Mark on American Schools Thanks to J-1 Visa

Even after a teacher has taught countless students and memorized their subject matter and lesson plans by heart, there are still many ways to grow within their profession. Taking on the challenge of participating in an international teacher exchange program at a host school abroad is the perfect opportunity for teachers to develop professionally beyond what is sometimes possible in their home countries. Foreign teachers in the United States enjoy a number of benefits to their professional development thanks to the Teach USA program and the J-1 Visa for teachers, which allows them the opportunity to earn salaries in full-time…

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Who Can Teach in the USA?

As a designated Exchange Visitor Program sponsor for teachers interested in teaching in the United States, Cultural Vistas is responsible for ensuring that program participants fulfill the requirements of the J-1 Visa for teachers. What this actually means can be a little confusing for those actually searching for a teaching job in the U.S. Below are some general eligibility criteria outlined by the U.S. State Department for securing teaching jobs in the U.S. for foreign nationals.

The Best State to Teach in the USA

It probably wouldn’t be too hard to find a teacher in each of the 50 states to say that their state is the best for teaching. After all, there are countless things that factor into what kind of job environment is best for a particular individual. But if you’re reading this, you’re probably looking to further your teaching career through a J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program like Teach USA—which means that the cultural and educational environment of your future teaching position is likely far more important than for an American teacher. For those who may not know much about the…

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Do We Need Educators with a Global Perspective?

Is globalization shrinking the world, or is the growing global population expanding beyond the world’s capacity to support it? Are doors opening, or are walls being built?  With these complex global questions increasingly defining our world, it is clear that we have a critical need for educators whose vision stretches beyond borders. The laws of physics, chemistry and biology are uniform, and recognized universally. However, rules associated with the social sciences are (happily) diverse, and messy. At Cultural Vistas, we are honored to support and advance global education through a variety of initiatives.