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Looking Forward to a Friendly Future Thanks to TOMODACHI

History is filled with the stories of men who had enough power to dare call themselves “Great” and tyrants who were so proud of the fear they spread that they adopted monikers like “the Terrible.” But the leaders of the future are unlike the leaders of the past. And thanks to a week I recently spent with the participants of the TOMODACHI MetLife Women’s Leadership Program, which has the Japanese word for “friendship” in its name, I am confident that we can look forward to a far friendlier future.

Study Tour Sets Scottish Alum on Path for Career in Sports Journalism

Though Jamie Braidwood can trace his interest in sports writing back to a school assignment he completed at the age of 13, the native of Dunblane, Scotland’s ambition for a career in sports journalism really took hold in 2013 when he won an essay contest rewarding him and eight fellow student journalists with a two-week study tour in the United States. At the young age of 15, the Update America Student Journalist Exchange enabled Jamie to learn about the journalism industry, as well as to experience American culture firsthand. It also proved influential to his current career pursuits.

Program Spotlight: YSEALI U.S. Study Tour

In the age of millennials, it is not uncommon to have one’s smartphone within reach at all times. New technologies have transformed the way we connect to one another, communicate, and even perform everyday tasks. With just a few taps on a phone you can grab a car, buy your food, or even find a date! Every week it seems like there’s a new, must-have app to address our most important needs, and even some we didn’t know we had. And if a group of young leaders from Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, and Singapore have their way, the next big…

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