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Doing Business, Doing Development: Edmund S. Muskie Intern Discusses Summer Internship at the World Bank

The World Bank Group estimates that the coronavirus pandemic could push as many as 60 million people into extreme poverty. The pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of our lives, and its impact on the developing world lays bare the urgent need to eliminate global poverty through sustainable development. Rinat Kapev, a 2020 Edmund S. Muskie Intern from Russia, spent his summer interning with the World Bank, helping the organization achieve its goals of reducing extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity. In this Q&A, Rinat tells us about his summer internship and his passion for international development. Tell us about…

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(Re)Visit: Russia

At Cultural Vistas, immersive international experiences are everything; even after they’re over, we continue to learn from them. While new international experiences are not possible right now, we can still learn from our past experiences abroad. Over the next two weeks, Cultural Vistas will be sharing photos from our alumni through our (Re)Visit series. Each day, we will focus on a different country or U.S. state that transformed them. These photos stay the same, but our perspectives continue to change. Thank you to our alumni for allowing us to highlight their stunning photography. We hope these photos inspire you to…

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5 Things You’ll Be Able to Do After Your Fellowship Overseas

On July 19, Cultural Vistas hosted an event highlighting the impact of professional fellowship programs, which included a panel discussion on the benefits and opportunities of career-focused overseas programs. The event allowed attendees to network with like-minded international professionals who have completed programs like the Alfa Fellowship Program, the Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program, and the Edmund S. Muskie Internship Program.

My Experience With Georgia’s Unique Wine Scene

I’ve learned during my Alfa Fellowship in Russia that despite what you might think, one of the main attractions in Moscow is the food. Contrary to the stereotypes of Russian cuisine as gristly meat in a beetroot purple liquid, the Russian capital now offers world class food, including my favourite: Georgian restaurants. I’m not talking about restaurants serving southern fried chicken, or dishes from 18th-century Britain, but the cuisine containing the pomegranates, walnuts, meats, aubergines, and spices typical of the southern Caucasian country of Georgia. A month working in the Georgian capital Tbilisi in 2013 taught me that few things…

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Behind the Scenes: The Muskie Internship Video Project

On August 18, 2015, the Edmund S. Muskie Internship Program congratulated the very first cohort of Muskie interns with the successful completion of their program. This day was an important milestone, because it represented both a celebration of this group as accomplished emerging leaders and the program establishing its completely new format and scope. Since 1992, the Muskie program has provided thousands of graduate school fellowships for students from across Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and Central Asia in order to build democracies, strengthen the transition to market economies, and establish a strong civil society following the dissolution of the Soviet…

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