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Jamauri Tackles the German Workplace

Hi everyone! My name is Jamauri Bryan. I am currently a member of the 38th cohort of the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals, an international fellowship funded by the German Bundestag and the United States Department of State. This is my third and final blog post talking about my experience during the program. If you haven’t already read my introductory post or my post about university life, feel free to check them both out! This post will be focused on the internship phase and what it’s like to work in Germany. Technology makes the world go ‘round! Finding an…

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Travel at Home: Revisiting Exchange Alumni Experiences 

Documenting travel provides an opportunity to both record memories and to chronicle our paths for others. These records allow others to follow the unique twists and turns of travel from the comfort of their homes. There are wonderful travel resources — books, articles, TV shows — with which to discover the world.  Lucky for us at Cultural Vistas, we can travel vicariously through our participants by reading their stories of impact and adventure. Here are some great examples to share, which may serve as an inspiration for a time when we are able to travel again. Revisiting the United States…

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How Social Distancing is Bringing Us Closer Together at the Office

I am used to working at the front desk of Cultural Vistas: a bustling office full of international visitors and action. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the way we communicate and work together internally had to change overnight. Programs were canceled left-and-right. Our future was suddenly looking uncertain. Working remotely has been an adjustment, especially for those who are extroverts (like myself). It became clear to me very quickly that maintaining a sense of community during this period of remote work was going to be more difficult and more important than ever.  After two-plus months implementing new initiatives, our socially-distant…

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Surviving Study Abroad as a Minority

As someone who works in international education, I get to see the many benefits that international exchange experiences provide for program participants on a daily basis. That is why I am particularly struck by the low numbers of minorities who choose to travel abroad.

The Future of Work Calls for Embracing Uncertainty

Cultural Vistas has been promoting global understanding and collaboration since its founding in 1963. Through our exchange programs, we are focused on not just problems of the present, but the promise of tomorrow.   Through its recent Future of Work Symposium, Cultural Vistas convened immigration and legal experts, educators, and private sector leaders, from companies such as Uber and Adobe, to share their perspectives on a future of work that we believe will be increasingly defined by advancements in technology, workforce re-skilling, and global cooperation. The symposium, held at our NYC headquarters, is part of a series of events we’re…

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