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In This World and Beyond, The #ExchangeEffect is Timeless

Members of Cultural Vistas’ International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) staff joined hundreds of other exchange professionals at the annual Global Ties U.S. National Meeting in January as they explored this year’s event theme: The Exchange Effect: Growing Impact at Home and Abroad. Beginning with a discussion on the prospect of future exchange programs being literally out of this world, the event covered a broad array of topics which ultimately highlighted how the effects of exchanges are not limited by time or place. Below are some of our favorite highlights from the event.

A Discussion on the Future of Work is a Discussion on Immigration

Cultural Vistas kicked off its 2019 events calendar by convening a panel discussion on “Immigration and the Future of Work in America” on Thursday, January 31 in its Washington, D.C. offices. An esteemed panel brought together perspectives from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, IBM, a former Obama administration official, and the Miller Center—a nonpartisan affiliate of the University of Virginia as well as a partner of the special event. Panelists highlighted the challenges and opportunities of the current U.S. immigration system while focusing their discussion on the missed opportunities of outdated policies, the difficulties of addressing skills gaps in an…

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The Future of Work Calls for Embracing Uncertainty

Cultural Vistas has been promoting global understanding and collaboration since its founding in 1963. Through our exchange programs, we are focused on not just problems of the present, but the promise of tomorrow.   Through its recent Future of Work Symposium, Cultural Vistas convened immigration and legal experts, educators, and private sector leaders, from companies such as Uber and Adobe, to share their perspectives on a future of work that we believe will be increasingly defined by advancements in technology, workforce re-skilling, and global cooperation. The symposium, held at our NYC headquarters, is part of a series of events we’re…

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Watch: Discussion on Global Skills and The Future of Work

Cultural Vistas recently hosted an enlightening and informative discussion on the value of global skill development and the future of work and the workforce at its European office in Berlin on July 5. Jennifer Clinton, Cultural Vistas’ President and CEO, and Florian Peter, Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company, led the talk, which covered: Significant global work trends (Discussion begins at 8:40) Anxieties that prevent change  (11:39) Staying qualified amid changing environments (13:39) Increased migration and employee mobility (16:22)