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Alumni Spotlight: How a J-1 Internship Inspired a New Business

The idea for Exposure, a sleek and clean-as-a-whistle photography-based storytelling platform, was born while Luke Beard, a U.K. native, interned in the United States at Elepath, a product studio, through the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program.

There, the platform became the first product he worked on from end-to-end and less than five months into his time in the States, it launched to the public. In March of this year, it was spun into its own company.

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WEAmericas Entrepreneurs Build Ties Between North & South America

Every startup ecosystem is different. Each economy, city and nation alike, faces exceedingly unique challenges. So what could 17 female entrepreneurs from 11 countries in Latin America find in common with their American counterparts, let alone amongst themselves? That is what an exchange program called the Women’s Entrepreneurship in the Americas (WEAmericas) program sought to discover. The U.S. Department of State partnered with a number of companies to launch the initiative during the 2012 Summit of the Americas in Panama. It aimed to foster relations between the two continents and economies and to promote investment in women-owned small and medium…

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