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Why I Feel Lucky to Intern In Argentina

I’ve had a hard time putting into words how fortunate I am to be living the life of my dreams. Traveling. Interning with a nonprofit whose mission I strongly support. Working with people who care about what I have to say. Being surrounded and living with strong, talented, and empowering women. Meeting genuine human beings who make a foreign country feel like home. Yes, I know. I am blessed beyond belief. Every morning, Facundo, my internship supervisor in Argentina, and I sit down in the common area, sip on mate (the traditional infused drink in Argentina), and chat for a…

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A Love Story at Feria de San Telmo, Argentina

Cruz Aleman is one of the Cultural Vistas Fellows we’re highlighting as part of our summer’s fundraising campaign for this program. Feria de San Telmo is a fair that takes place in Barrio de San Telmo here in Buenos Aires every Sunday. There are up to 270 stands full of treats, matés, and souvenirs. As I walk through the crowd of locals and tourists, my eyes dart to and from the array of colors and faces seducing me into spending the pesos in my Frida Kahlo wallet. The day is gloomy in the best way. The air is chilly but…

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