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Travel at Home: Revisiting Exchange Alumni Experiences 

Documenting travel provides an opportunity to both record memories and to chronicle our paths for others. These records allow others to follow the unique twists and turns of travel from the comfort of their homes. There are wonderful travel resources — books, articles, TV shows — with which to discover the world.  Lucky for us at Cultural Vistas, we can travel vicariously through our participants by reading their stories of impact and adventure. Here are some great examples to share, which may serve as an inspiration for a time when we are able to travel again. Revisiting the United States…

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Fellowship Alumnus Helps Grow the Future of Agriculture

Professional fellowships can be the key to advancing your career or pivoting into a different field. For Sam Schatz, the Alfa Fellowship Program in Russia accomplished these things, but more importantly, it introduced him to AeroFarms, a startup that is currently shaping the future of agriculture. Immediately after returning from a year in Moscow, Sam was hired as the company’s first employee after the founders.

5 Things You’ll Be Able to Do After Your Fellowship Overseas

On July 19, Cultural Vistas hosted an event highlighting the impact of professional fellowship programs, which included a panel discussion on the benefits and opportunities of career-focused overseas programs. The event allowed attendees to network with like-minded international professionals who have completed programs like the Alfa Fellowship Program, the Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program, and the Edmund S. Muskie Internship Program.

My Experience With Georgia’s Unique Wine Scene

I’ve learned during my Alfa Fellowship in Russia that despite what you might think, one of the main attractions in Moscow is the food. Contrary to the stereotypes of Russian cuisine as gristly meat in a beetroot purple liquid, the Russian capital now offers world class food, including my favourite: Georgian restaurants. I’m not talking about restaurants serving southern fried chicken, or dishes from 18th-century Britain, but the cuisine containing the pomegranates, walnuts, meats, aubergines, and spices typical of the southern Caucasian country of Georgia. A month working in the Georgian capital Tbilisi in 2013 taught me that few things…

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