What We’re Reading Across International Education (October)

In today’s uber-connected world, it can be difficult to find the time or patience to scour the Internet and through endless streams of social media updates for interesting news that matters to you.

That’s why we’re here to help. Each month, our staff collects fun and informative articles pertinent to the field of international education and exchange that have stood out to us, and which hopefully are of interest to you, too.

With the clocks falling back an hour this weekend in the States, our American readers have one less excuse not to have a look at what we’re reading this month. After all, staying in the know can help you learn what it takes to get hired.

What We're Reading - October

Why Do More U.S. Women Study Abroad Than Men?
(Washington Post)

Study shows that men are less likely to study abroad overall, particularly in Africa. Coincidentally, more than two-thirds of the individuals participating in our professional exchange programs are male (68% of 5,720 in 2014).

When Official Relations are Cool, Culture and People Can Lead the Way
(Russia Beyond the Headlines)

An exhibit about Russia’s history in space brings people together.

Where Women Are Leading the Peace
(Foreign Policy)

New study shows where, how, and why women are ending conflict.

5 Things the U.S. Could Learn From Europe
(Washington Post)

Reporter shares ways Americans can learn from their friends across the pond. Of course, there’s plenty for Europeans to pick up as well. We know just the folks who can make an exchange happen.

In case you missed WWR, in September and August, we have you covered. Have a favorite #WeekendRead you’d like to share? Respond in the comments.

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    l’Afrique de l’ouest et particulièrement sa bande sahélienne(entre le Niger et Mali) est confrontée aux conflits qui perdurent et alimentés par les groupes armés.
    Pensons que le cas des conflits communautaires restent la seule issue pour trouver de solutions durables et stopper les conflits idéologiques qui concourent à la division des communautés au profit des térroristes
    Vive la paix et la démocratie
    Boubacar ,IVLP 2015 (octobre,novembre)

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