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Tips & advice for international exchange participants & alumni.

Cultural Vistas Hosts Virtual Internship Forum

The benefits of international talent are immense. As the global pandemic brings changes to the world of work, Cultural Vistas has been working with companies to host virtual interns from across the world. Cultural Vistas and our partners gathered for a Virtual Internship Forum to share best practices in designing, recruiting, onboarding, and managing successful virtual internship programs as well as the future of virtual work and using virtual as part of a long-term strategy. The event kicked off with Elizabeth Kumbhari, General Counsel and VP of Professional Exchanges, moderating a keynote discussion with T.H. Ong , VP at Global Integration.…

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Three Ways to Win a Fully-Funded Summer Internship Abroad

College junior Katherine Moronta spent this last summer in Argentina interning at a local nonprofit to help families with autistic children lead happier lives. Daniel Wang became a firsthand witness to Germany’s devotion to sustainability while working on an awareness and education project in Berlin. In Hong Kong, Malia Simon worked to solve global climate challenges while experiencing the culture that the city has to offer. Thanks to the fully-funded Cultural Vistas Fellowship, 15 American college students had similar experiences interning in Buenos Aires, Berlin, and Hong Kong.

How to Teach in the USA on Any Budget

Unanticipated expenses while traveling abroad in any country can lead to a cloud of financial gloom hanging over you regardless of weather. In the case of teaching in a country with a particularly high cost of living like the U.S., being financially aware and making a realistic budget before your trip is one of the best ways to avoid unnecessary stress during your exchange experience. As a longtime J-1 Visa sponsor, we at Cultural Vistas are experts at helping people budget for U.S.-based exchange programs like Teach USA. Before you go to teach in the U.S., take a lesson from…

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The Benefits of a STEM Education When Interning Abroad

Completing internships abroad can be a fantastic opportunity for students and graduates in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—also known as the STEM disciplines. Not only are STEM students and graduates frequently in high demand, those with a STEM education stand to benefit the most from going global. Below are some tips for taking advantage of your STEM background during your internship abroad.

How to Start Speaking Another Language

Learning a language can be fun, but also intimidating. Especially talking to people. Here are some tips for how to take that next step from an app to real-life. 1. Find a language group The best, first step you can take toward learning a language is to find a community to learn with. Joining a language group will hold you accountable to the friends you make to continue attending events and practicing. So before you do anything, find a group, RSVP, and put it in your calendar, even if it’s a long ways away. If you’re in the Washington, DC…

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