Cultural Vistas VP Elizabeth Kumbhari Shares Insights Into Student Mental Health Challenges

Cultural Vistas General Counsel and Vice President of Professional Exchanges Elizabeth Kumbhari was featured on The PIE Perspectives, a video series produced by The PIE News speaking to student leaders and industry professionals about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, on Monday, June 1, 2020.

This series of interviews centered on the mental health challenges international students are experiencing and what institutions can and are doing to support them amid these difficult times.

In addition to Kumbhari, the video feature includes interviews:

  • Joanna Stori, Head of Education, Sonder
  • Rahul Sondhi, an international student who was studying his A-levels before he was repatriated from the UK
  • Douglas Little, Project Manager of International Student Mental Health, University of Nottingham
  • Cecilia Pereira-Yates, Managing Director, GB8
  • Urša Leban, Executive Committee Member, European Students’ Union.

Click below to watch the full interview: