We know that the number one obstacle to interning or working abroad is the expense.
financial-support-calloutAs a nonprofit, we’re committed to providing affordable options for those interested in taking their career pursuits overseas.

In fact, every year more than 85 percent of the individuals who take part in Cultural Vistas programs outside the United States receive paid internships, full or partial funding, or are awarded scholarships to support their experiences.

The Cultural Vistas Scholarship Fund is an important source of financial aid for young Americans participating in unpaid internships abroad. The scholarship stipends help offset the costs of living abroad and often fund international travel, rent, or language courses that would otherwise not be possible.

Since 2011, we’ve provided 216 American students with more than $238,542 in scholarship support to pursue low or unpaid internships. Just this summer, 34 students received a total of $29,686 with an average grant of $873.

Moreover, since 2000, more than 350 cash scholarships have been awarded to Americans seeking to advance their careers overseas, while more than 75 individuals have received free language courses.

Applications for the Cultural Vistas Scholarship Fund are emailed to eligible participants once they have confirmed participation in an international internship program.

Lend a Helping Hand

Study after study has shown that the biggest obstacle that prevents low-income U.S. students from getting experience abroad is a simple one: money. And maybe you remember what it was like to cut every corner and stretch every dollar, just to make your dreams possible.

Your tax-deductible gift to the Scholarship Campaign will help U.S. students with essential, day-to-day expenses as simple as these:

  • $50: groceries for one week
  • $100: public transportation for one month
  • $500: housing for one month
  • $1,000: international flight

We warmly invite you lend a helping hand to student facing these challenges as they consider a low or unpaid internship overseas.

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