Photo Contest

We asked Cultural Vistas participants and alumni to share their most memorable moments from living and learning abroad, and the response was an outpouring of photos that made us smile, laugh, think, and remember our own life-changing experiences abroad.

With nearly 700 submissions from across our wide range of programs — including those bringing students and young professionals to the United States and those sending Americans abroad — making a choice was hard, but our staff and Facebook fans rose to the challenge.

Thank you to all who entered the 2014 Picture This! Photo Contest. You truly inspired us!

Second Place

Milos Solak
IAESTE United States
Confluence of Feelings

Milos Solak, IAESTE United States - Confluence of Feelings

"Because of their power to connect diverse sides and overcome difficulties, bridges have always fascinated me. In my home country, Bosnia, there are several iconic bridges that, just like the country itself, bring together nations, religions and cultures, allowing them to interact and complement each other. That's why this particular place feels like home and brings about confluence of feelings."

Third Place

Denise Blankenberger
Cultural Vistas Fellowship
Family Photo in Marina Bay

Denise Blankenberger, Cultural Vistas Fellowship - Marina Bay

"Before the nightly light show in front of the dramatic skyline of skyscrapers at Marina Bay, the four of us posed for what we deemed our 'awkward family photo' of the trip."

Honorable Mention

Dan Hiemstra
Summer Internship Program in Germany
Hiking in Liechtenstein

Dan Hiemstra, Internships Abroad/Summer Internship Program in Germany - Hiking in Liechtenstein

"This photo was taken on the summit of Die Drei Schwestern in Liechtenstein. It is an amazing route with breathtaking views. The trail actually follows the border of Austria with Liechtenstein so you are stepping in-between the two countries the entire time. In the background of the photo is the Bodensee, and you can potentially (not sure if it's hidden behind the mountain or not) see Friedrichshafen along the far coastal line where I interned last summer. Last summer was one of the most amazing summers I have ever had, and this photo documents just one of the awesome experiences I had."

Fans' Choice

Romain Casery
Train USA
103 Floors Above Chicago

Romaine Casery, Train USA, 103 Floors Above Chicago

"I am currently involved in a one year internship in Detroit. This program in the USA makes me more open-minded by discovering the American way of life which is completely different from the European one. It also gives me the opportunity to travel around and take some great pictures American’s landscapes.

"This picture was taken during my Thanksgiving trip in Chicago. It was the opportunity to discover a new city, a new way of life in the USA. Going at the top of the Willis tower and view all around Chicago was amazing. 103 stories above the city, the view gives a lot of sensation. It was absolutely incredible and scary to walk on this glass, almost like rollercoasters!"

Grand Prize Winner

Ambre Bouillant
Train USA
Astonishing Colors

Ambre Bouillant, Train USA - Astonishing Colors

"I spent six months in the United States. I did an internship in Boston and I took the opportunity to travel around the country. I went to the national parks of the West Coast. I was astonished by the diversity of color I could find there.

"This picture was taken in the depths of the Antelope Canyon, located near Page, AZ. When you visit this canyon, you literally enter Earth (you have to go down several ladders into the ground). One feels a bit like a small ant, lost in the dark and humidity of the subterranean world, the walls being so twisted and narrow. But then, as you make your way in this tortuous slot carved by centuries of floods, light becomes more and more present as the sun rises, ravelling the colours of the walls and their sharp and continuous geometry.

"And you suddenly realize that what surrounds you is a very wonder of nature, a sight that pictures will never truly reflect. You watch your eyes out, feeling that your peripheral vision is not enough to embrace, twisting your neck to catch all the details. I took the picture at this time, my friend being totally mesmerized by the canyon."

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