Annual Report

We Are Cultural Vistas.

Three years ago, we embarked on a bold new journey, bringing together two longstanding exchange organizations to create Cultural Vistas. At the time, we were told that more than half of all mergers fail and those that don’t, take at least three years to complete the transition.

And in three short years, we have come a long way. We have established a new culture and identity and greatly enhanced our ability to impact and change people’s lives through the international experiences we provide.

Learn more about how we are fulfilling our mission in our 2013 Annual Report.

This year we created a mini-site, to provide an unique, interactive experience. The responsive site was built in-house to provide visitors with an optimal experience across devices from desktop to mobile.

Of course, you can also view a PDF of the print version which provides a more traditonal and comprehensive annual report.

Robert Fenstermacher
President & CEO

Annual Reports