Annual Report + Financials

Learn more about how we are fulfilling our mission and making an impact in our 2015 Annual Report. Our mini-site, provides an unique and engaging, multimedia experience.

Annual Reports

Cultural Vistas’ annual report provides an overview of its accomplishments for the previous year and a summary of our nonprofit’s financial operations.

2015 Cultural Vistas Annual Report [Issuu]
2014 Cultural Vistas Annual Report [PDF]
2013 Cultural Vistas Annual Report [PDF]
2012 Cultural Vistas Annual Report [PDF]
2011 Cultural Vistas Annual Report [PDF]

Audited Financial Statements

As a mission-driven nonprofit, Cultural Vistas is steadfast in its commitment to fiscal responsibility. We continuously strive to keep administrative costs associated with the operation of our organization within reasonable limits in order to devote the majority of our resources toward those we serve.

2015 Cultural Vistas Audited Financial Statements
2014 Cultural Vistas Audited Financial Statements
2013 Cultural Vistas Audited Financial Statements
2012 and 2011 Cultural Vistas Consolidated Financial Statements